Friday, July 17, 2015

Blog Update

My apologies...

  Maybe the title of this post should be "Why I live on Coffee"... For those of you waiting for the Scallop Seashell Washcloth tutorial, I'm sorry. I wanted to have it finished today, but it's being delayed another day. Please keep in mind that I'm on photo number 68 and counting... It's all being broke up into smaller posts. Also, a child's education is at stake here. If you care to read about it, I'll explain more set-backs below. If all things go correctly, it will be up tomorrow! (Or, the day after, if not!)

See, I'm working on it!

  You already know that I'm fighting rheumatoid arthritis right now, but what you don't know about is the rest of the stuff that's going on. And since I'm at a stand-still on the tutorial, I'm going to do what us bloggers do best: Blog about (some of) it. So, if you're just waiting on the tutorial, you may be excused from this post, if you so choose. For my regular readers, OMG, help, I'm gonna go crazy (lol) and I just need to blow off a little steam!

  It's not my business to talk about others in my life, but they've officially disrupted my work enough to force me to tell you about them. Well, just a little...

  Let me start by explaining the major part of the delay: My kid. No, no, don't get the wrong idea; she's awesome! She helped design the Mixed Material Bag, she inspired the Furry Fingerless Gloves, and #CatHeart was all her creation. She's also the reason why I don't have access to my computer right now. She has to take online classes over the summer, and the program doesn't work on the tablet that I'm using now... The tablet that I bought specifically for her to use for school. So, now I have a tablet, lol.

  It's a mini-laptop thingy with a detachable keyboard. I've discovered that I can't type here on the blog without the keyboard attached. I'm still getting used to these tiny keys, and erasing a lot of what was already done. Why do they put the mousepad right where you bump it every time you hit the spacebar? And why do the "P" and "delete" keys stick? It took me five minutes to type that sentence because of the stupid sticking "P" key. There, I did it again, lol. I better stop, or I think my head might explode.  

  Let's move on to the next thing... My hours. Almost every day, I get up at 4am because of my other half's job. He can sleep through five alarm clocks, plus me shaking him and yelling. It sounds like a war-zone here in the morning. Once, our fire alarm decided to self-test itself at 3am. I was frantically shaking him, yelling "Get up! The fire alarm's going off! Get up, it's a fire!"... He finally opened one eye to say "No, it's not", then rolled over and slept through me cussing while I shut off the alarm. So, I have to get up 10 minutes before him to make sure he's on time every day, or he'll lose his job.

  Now, I said I get up at 4am "almost" every day... Today, I got up at 2am. Because he had to be in early. Because people pour concrete at four in the morning. Yup, they do. At times in the past, he's had to be back to work at midnight for industrial jobs. And they don't have a weekly schedule. It's just "Hey, guess what? I gotta be in at three in the morning". Yay, nice to know at six in the evening!

  Follow that with the kid about to get in the shower at 8pm... When we should have been in bed already. "Mo-om!" No. No, no, no. That "mom" means something's wrong. "What's the matter?"

"Mom, I forgot to tell you I need laundry done!"

"Okay, I'll get it in the morning."

"No, mom, I don't have any more clothes!"

"None? You wore everything and didn't tell me?"

"Well, no, not everything."

"Okay, then I'll get it in the morning."

"I only have shirts."

  Tweens. So here I am, exhausted and discovering that this tablet is at least good for blowing-off-steam posts when I don't have access to the rest of my pictures. And now that she's almost done with her school session, it's storming. No playing outside while Mom works. Maybe I can assign her to taking spare "cute cat" photos for the blog...

  I'm so tired that I don't trust everything in the tutorial to be correct. I found an entire section where I typed "single crochet" instead of "double crochet". Because I accidently deleted an entire post while trying to fix it on the tablet, I think I need a little sleep and my computer before I continue. After all, I'm only on my second pot of coffee for the day. And the kid discovered Dubstep music. Please help me.

  No, seriously, can you help me? This is my first post published by tablet! I'd like to make sure there's no problems before the tutorials go up. So... Drop a comment if anything is out of order, okay?

 Thanks for listening!

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