Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Yarn Tales Tuesday

Is it, or Isn't it?
Or should that be "To be, or not to be"?

  Last week's Yarn Tales Tuesday subject got pretty deep with a really serious topic. Now, let's go even deeper into my mind... Actually, no... Let's delve into a part of my brain that tends to be very shallow! What I could do before writing this article is: Go do research. But that would counteract the point of this subject, so I'll just talk (or type, rather?) it out as it comes to me. 

  The trigger for this week's subject is the recent work I've been doing to make tutorials for my latest pattern, plus the tutorials I did for the World's Biggest Stocking Blanket. 

  Now, to get back to my mentality: There is a tiny little corner of my brain that is just plain ignorant. I am intelligent. I have an awesome ability to retain most information I read or hear. But, if it doesn't interest me, or apply to important current events, I don't bother to learn it. Ignorant. Not to be confused with stupid, which is a general lack of intelligence, and also which I don't like using anyways. Ignorant, as in, unlearned. As in, I don't bother to educate myself about it. 

  Before reading the next paragraph, I want to make sure everyone understands that I'm not trying to be mean. I'm not trying to be snobbish, rude, or insensitive. I'm just not interested. (Or, maybe... So I thought I wasn't interested? Don't run away, just keep reading.)

  And here's the term I won't research before this discussion: Crochet Along (also known as a CAL). As a person who truly enjoys being alone, I don't really feel like crocheting along with anybody. I usually dislike group activities. I prefer to work alone. However, I don't mind helping people when they need it. I just like figuring things out by myself.

  *Quick side subject: I laugh at myself for this: I constantly type the word "along" incorrectly as "alone" when writing about CAL's. "Alone" fits my personality much better.

  So, I've never participated in an active crochet-along. (Or, so I think?) I'm not really sure exactly what makes it a crochet-along, either, because I've never been involved with one, never researched the subject, and never thought I would actually create one, even though a small part of me has wanted to. I always assumed (as in, was being ignorant) that a crochet-along was an organized group activity with instruction and discussion, where everybody works along together, at the same time.   

  That's why I was surprised when some of my viewers started calling my tutorial work a "crochet-along". What do you mean it's a crochet-along? All I want to do is teach people... All I did was make a bunch of tutorials with step by step pictures and instructions!

  So, now I'm saying to myself: "Duh, ignoramus, you made it so they can crochet ALONG!"

  Is that what I've been doing this whole time? Being blissfully ignorant to the fact that I am participating in a "group activity" by creating one? Huh. And all along I thought I was anti-social.

I want to know what you think! Don't Google it... Is it, or isn't it a crochet-along
What would you call it?

And... See this guy? (Girl?) There's next week's subject. I'll just let you wonder about that 'til then.

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