Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Making Sock Yarn

  Socks, in my opinion, are one of the coolest, most useful things you can crochet or knit. And the most complicated, for some. Lightweight yarn, tiny stitches, and short rows tend to cause frustration and confusion for those who are not experienced in the art of making socks.

  And what about that horrible affliction that many knitters/crocheters suffer from: Call it Second Sock Syndrome (SSS), One-sock Syndrome, Forgotten Sock Disorder, or whatever you like; we seem to have a problem making a pair of socks. Many knitters have adopted the two-at-a-time method to avoid this problem, but if this method exists for crochet, I'm not aware of it yet.

  I have it, too. I call it "Sock-making ADHD". So, you can make socks if you like, but Sock Yarn can be used for many other crochet projects! It is a bit difficult to work with, until you get used to it. What will you create with your Sock Yarn?

Let's make it!

Removing the toe, cut the sock using the spiral method for cutting plarn.

Ta-da! Now, just like for t-shirt yarn, give the material a gentle pull.

You can see here how the toe end and the cuff of the sock create two different types of yarn. The toe end makes a smooth yarn, and the cuff end make a "fuzzy" yarn.

You can also see what a mess this makes! (Along with some cat fur. That stuff gets everywhere, too!)

After pulling the material to make it curl up, and then further rolling it into a ball, there's even more "fuzzies" everywhere!

And just to prove it, yes, you can actually crochet with "sock yarn". Even though this whole tutorial is just an April Fool's Day prank. 

  Ha, ha, ha. It was funny to me! But seriously, because I love pranks, but I hate wasting time, you really can crochet with this stuff! I never throw away old socks in my house - They get used for dust rags, oil rags, dog and cat toys, sock puppets, and draft stoppers around here! When used for "Sock Yarn", I pick the nicest ones out of the bunch before they get thrown in the rag bag. Then they get a good dose of bleach in the wash, because I have that "eww, feet" kind of mentality. But after bleach, the "eww, feet" problem goes away. It's not like I'm making a new hat or anything wearable. What "Sock Yarn" is good for is:

  Rugs. Yup, those things that sit on the floor and your feet touch anyways. It doesn't seem so weird to me when you're turning the thing that used to be on your feet into something under your feet. But, you know, I probably wouldn't go creating the next table runner for my dinner table out of the stuff.  

Happy April Fool's Day!

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