Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Crochet for Earth Day!

  Repeat visitors know that I'm buried in charity projects right now, so all new free crochet patterns are on hold. But even if you've been here before (and especially if you haven't!), some of these older "throwback" patterns will be new to you!

  Do you know what the problem with having your free patterns on a blog is? The older ones often get overlooked. As much as we bloggers wish it was true, not many people endlessly browse your archive to read every word you've ever written. So, in honor of Earth Day, and to feed the need for patterns, let's have a list of the projects available on the Crochet is the Way blog that involve recycled or upcycled materials:

Click the pictures to follow the links:

  First, just in case you don't already know, let's see how to make plarn (plastic + yarn = plarn). What a throwback! This is my original tutorial, when the blog was brand new and I was working with a cell phone camera. So, it's not the greatest, but you can still use it! Even if you already do know how to make plarn, perhaps you haven't seen these methods before. In this tutorial, you will learn multiple ways to join strips:

  Now, let's have a newer tutorial! This one shows you the same spiral method of cutting, but here you'll learn how to cut and prep the material to equal #10 crochet thread. This tutorial even uses an upcycled drop spindle:

Now, for the patterns!

Plarn can cozy:

Plarn Ghost:

Poinsettia Flower Brooch:

Plarn Eggs:

Plarn Soap Dish:

"Fmelted" Plarn Coasters:

Matching Basket for coasters:

Festive Plarn Doily:

Plarn Welcome Mat:

"Fmelted" Plarn Toothbrush Holder:

Mixed Material Messenger Bag:

And don't forget what's available on Guidecentral:

Learn the "hottest" way to join plarn strips:

Make a cushy pencil grip:

Upcycle your old clothing into yarn:

And look for non-crochet related guides like this pet feeder:

Just click on my Guidecentral profile to see them all!

And search "alternative crochet material", "green project", or "recycled material" on the Crochet is the Way blog for more recycling ideas!

Happy Earth Day!

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