Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Yarn Tales Tuesday

Your Crochet Material
Wanna play a game?

  What do you think when someone asks you what your favorite crochet material is? And I don't want to hear any of those generic "I just love to crochet" answers. That's mine, and you can't use it, because even I'm going to pick my favorite at the end of this article. If you don't have a favorite, I know you have to have a least favorite! Maybe a certain brand of yarn comes to mind, or perhaps you have to weigh the options between acrylic, cotton, or wool.

  Do you suffer feelings of abandonment and loneliness if you run out of yarn, or do you start cutting up bags or old fabric to fuel your need? Ever act like a kid in a candy store when you visit your local yarn shop? Do you embarrass your friends and family because you're digging through their recycle bins to search for new material? How may of the following examples do you recognize?

  So, let's play a game! I want to see how many of you can guess what materials are shown in the following pictures. Some of them are obvious, and some of them can already be found here on the Crochet is the Way blog. Let me know if you can identify it, or if one of them has you stumped! Get the answers over the next few days - I'll explain a few of them in a group, since they've already been shown here (no cheating!); others will have their own posts with more information and tutorials!

  Okay, here we go! Some can obviously be purchased, so there's no mystery there...It's yarn. But what kind? If you can identify the fiber or brand of yarn by a picture, then consider yourself a yarn guru. As for the rest of them, you may find some old upcycled or recycled favorites, but I bet you'll see some alternative materials that are new to you!

Mystery Material 1:

Mystery Material 2:

Mystery Material 3:

Mystery Material 4:

Mystery Material 5:

Mystery Material 6:

Mystery Material 7:

Mystery Material 8:

Mystery Material 9:

Mystery Material 10:

Mystery Material 11:

Mystery Material 12:

If you think you know it, take a guess! Can you identify the types of yarn by the texture or color? 

  So, are you batting your eyelashes in adoration of all the materials? Some of the fibers shown is simply so soft it will have your head in the stars; other items will keep you fishing for answers!  Have you become entwined in this game, or are you ready to burn rubber out of here? I'm having fun with it! I think that silly moments add charisma to your life - But, maybe you don't cotton to guessing...Do you think I should put the fun in a bag and get on with some crochet videos? I wish I could say that the first one who speaks up wins a tee shirt or something, but unfortunately, anybody with a correct answer only gets the satisfaction of being right!

Have fun!

P.S. I promised that I would tell you what my favorite material is, but I have to split my answer: For garments, baby items, and some home decor, I chose number 2. For novelty items or jewelry, number 9. What? Did you think I would actually tell you what it is and spoil the game? The last paragraph has all your answers! There are twelve hints written in there - Decipher it!


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