Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Yarn Tales Tuesday

Expand Your Skills
An update on new tutorials...
and a laugh at myself

  Okay, so I'm going to tell you the whole true story at the end, so you can laugh at me, too. Go ahead, I do it! But, let's have the shorter story and the updates, first. At least give me the dignity of reading the article before you get your laugh in, alright?

  The short story - I'm running behind again, so you know what that means! I'm going to point you over to Guidecentral to check out all the new tutorials I've been creating. I'm behind because I had an awesome article written for you this week. I wrote it a week ago, and I only needed to upload the photos for it. But...I can't. So here you go:

  For those of you only interested in crochet, there's plenty there! Beginners can find help for the first step in crochet: The slip knot. You'll learn how to make one on your crochet hook, with a knitting needle, and by hand. Spring is coming soon, so check out the pattern for a cute and simple lacy daisy! And if you're looking for more advanced skills, see the tutorials for back post stitches, surface crochet, the Zigzag stitch, and the Crab stitch! Of course, there's still all my other Guides, in case you missed them.

  For those of you interested in more than crochet, you'll find a variety of other Guides, too. I have to admit, though, most of my "others" have been leaning towards food - Check out recipes for everything from sweet treats to savory meats! Also get a look at the Crystal Hearts that look so sweet, you'll want to eat them up! (But don't...I think they wouldn't taste very good.) 

  You can find all of my Guides by clicking here. And remember to check out Guides from other Makers, too. I've seen a ton of cool new stuff lately! Give a Guide a "like" if you appreciate it, and show the Maker some love!

-  -  -  -  -
  Okay, so you put up with my shameless pushing of Guides, so you can get your laugh in, now:

The reason why I can't load my awesome photos for my cool new post - I broke my camera...

  No, not like I dropped it...Not as in water damage...Not even any of the million things you could do to break a camera...

  I decided it was time to update my profile pictures...And I broke the camera. Two selfies and an upload later, my camera still takes pictures (I think), but it uploads nothing! Eh, I'll get over it! It's time for an upgrade, anyways.

  You know what I'm laughing at more than that, now? My overuse of exclamation points in this article! I never knew I was such an excited person! Okay, maybe it's only funny to me...But give me a break, I'm playing "camera technician" for the rest of the day...I'd rather be crocheting!

Here's to hoping you have a better day than mine!


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