Thursday, February 26, 2015

Answers for the Crochet Material Quiz

Fiber Materials

  For this week's Yarn Tales Tuesday, we're playing a game! And like I promised, Here's some of the results...One reader guessed almost all the answers correctly already, so I'll cover most of those, but you'll have to keep trying for the rest! 

  Although this skilled reader guessed correctly for many of the alternative materials, I'll only be explaining the fiber yarns today. I'm still giving other readers a chance to take a guess, and I want to cover more information for the upcycled/recycled materials.

2. Cotton Yarn

  I love cotton for its versatility. You can create garments, household items, children's toys, and more! Cotton is perfect for dishcloths and washcloths, because you can't make them from animal fibers, (unless you want them to felt!), and synthetic fibers tend to fuzz or pill, and get gunky when exposed to water all the time. Depending on what you're creating, you could make an even better choice with different cotton blends. Cotton/bamboo blends are great for wearables, but did you know that bamboo has natural antimicrobial properties? That means less-gunky washcloths! Looking for a yarn with both softness and some awesome drape for a garment? Check out cotton/silk blends! 

  This natural plant fiber makes a great alternative for those with wool allergies, and vegans, too. Although I did learn that there is "vegan" and "non-vegan" cotton. I became curious and did some research, but was unable to figure out how there can be "non-vegan" cotton. (Perhaps there are animals used in the farming of the plant?) Are there any vegans out there that can tell me what makes an all-natural plant fiber non-vegan? I wonder if this is true, or just "internet misinformation"...One more thing I do know: Vegans should be aware of cotton blends, because they often contain non-vegan fibers.

  The yarn pictured here is 100% cotton. But part of it hasn't been answered yet, so...Anybody want to take a crack at guessing the size or brand? 

4. Eyelash Yarn

  Again, the brand goes unanswered! I've done a review of this synthetic fashion yarn, which I'll link to here once somebody gets it right!

  In the review, you can read about the good points (color!) of this fluffy, fuzzy yarn, and I'm honest about some bad points, too. Like, how you're going to need a vacuum cleaner when you get done with your project!

6. Caron Simply Soft acrylic 

  It's the worsted yarn you either love or hate! I hear many crocheters complain about this yarn splitting, and it can be true. However, (I know, you don't want to hear this) keep your tension loose and make sure to fully grab the yarn with the hook, and working with Simpy Soft is a lot easier! 

  To read more about the pros and cons of Simply Soft,  you can check out the review here!

8. Loops and Threads Charisma

  Another acrylic yarn, but this one's bulky weight. I don't want to say too much here, because I have an upcoming review for it, and I haven't even finished testing the new free crochet pattern that I'm designing with it. What I will tell you is that I have no complaints, so far. The new project has yet to be washed more than once, and I prefer to withhold my opinions until then. 

  Until I finish the review, I can give you a few quick points: It's super soft, has a nice tight twist, and doesn't "fuzz" while you work with it. 

11. Mesh Fashion Yarn

  Regardless of the brand, you can find a humongous variety of fun, pretty, or bold colors available in mesh yarn. From "potato chip" ruffle scarves to cute little fluffy tutus, I've seen an interesting mix of patterns available. Plus, I'll soon have a "unique" pattern available for using leftovers of this yarn. 

  I'd love to tell you more, but our very knowledgeable reader mistook this for Red Heart's Sashay yarn, and that's not it! Again, this is a yarn I've done a review on, so I'll post the link once somebody gets the answer! Remember to read the last paragraph of the original Yarn Tales Tuesday post for clues... 

  Keep trying, everybody - Look for an upcoming post covering the alternative materials that our yarn guru also got right! Number one is indeed twine, but who can tell me the fiber? Numbers three and five...Easy if you're an upcycler, of course: Tee shirt/Jersey cotton yarn and plarn (plastic bag yarn). Seven and nine are still left unanswered! Number eleven used to be an old VHS tape...Who can tell me what movie it was? (You know I'm kidding there, right?) And number 12 is nylon fishing line - the heavy duty stuff for, like, shark fishing or something - I'll explain more about that in the mentioned upcoming post!

If you don't want to play the "game", that's fine! I'm interested to know what your most/least favorite yarn or material is! 

Keep Guessing!

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