Monday, April 15, 2013

A Good Idea

  I am in the process of writing a new free pattern, and I need stitch markers! Usually I just use scraps of yarn, but I want to take step by step pictures for everyone to follow along. And lets be honest, when working a complicated pattern, real stitch markers just seem more organized... Its a super easy pattern, but where to place some of the stitches is complicated. This one's a real beauty, I promise you.

  So, because I don't have any, I Google Search-ed alternative ideas for stitch markers. Clip-on earrings were an idea that I had thought of and found a lot of suggestions about, but I don't want to go raiding my kid's jewelry box. Clip-on key chains, yarn scraps, hairpins, and paperclips seem to be the most talked about.

  Paperclips! It gave me an even better idea. When working a pattern, not only can you use paperclips for stitch markers, but actually tag what stitch it is! Just write it on a little scrap of paper, then attach to the paperclip. Or use different colored clips or pieces of paper.

  As usual, I'm not claiming I came up with this  idea first, I just have never heard of it. But without other people thinking of the paperclips, the additional step never would have came to mind. Many thanks to them. Hopefully it will help all of you in one of your crochet projects, and I'm sure it will make a big difference in mine. I'm curious to see how many beginners will tackle this new complicated-looking project because of it. Stay tuned, its coming soon!

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