Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Free Pattern: Recycled Spring Necklace

 Springtime is near in the northern hemisphere! Find some old fabric for scraps in a fresh, fun color, grab some scissors, and lets make some springtime 'bling'. Have the satisfaction of knowing you're probably making a one of a kind creation. The colors are up to you and your scrap pile!
 See how to make yarn out of fabric scraps if you're not familiar with the process. Prepare your fabric strips, grab a hook, and let's "spring it up"!
 One row, all chains and slip stitches makes this pattern. What could be easier? Although adjustable, instructions are written for medium(20in) with small(18in) and large(24in) given in  parenthesis( ). 

Skill Level:

First pick what kind of fabric you will use.  Check out the tips at the end of the pattern before you chose your fabric.
Prepare your fabric to be used as yarn. The size of strips for this project should be about 1/2 inch wide.

Use a solid and a pattern or two similar colors, then a contrasting color. This is a woven cotton/polyester blend. You will need no more than 2 yards of each color.
Color A: Solid
Color B: Patterned
Color C: Contrasting color

Crochet hook size N/9 or size needed to obtain gauge
Smaller hook to weave in ends

2 chains(ch) = 1 inch(3 1/2 cm)
Finished flower measures 2 3/4 in(7cm) across

*Here's a tip if recycling clothing with cuffs: Cut the cuffs off as close to the seams as possible. Save the cuff to make a matching bracelet. (A tutorial will soon follow.)

With Color A, ch 18 (14/small, 26/large).

*Change to color B in last ch. Ch 5 with color B, sl st to last ch-st of color A.* 

Resume with color A, ch 3. Change to color C in last ch. 

(1)(With color C, ch 5. Sl st into back loop of first ch of color C.) Repeat once. (2)(Ch 5, sl st into front loop of ch) Repeat once. 

Resume with color A, ch 3. 

Repeat from * to * once. 
(Ch 5 w/ color B)


Resume with color A, ch 18 (14/small, 26/large) bind off, weave in ends. Leave sufficient fabric tails to tie necklace or attach a thinner yarn in a coordinating color.

Tips: Keep in mind this will be worn around the neck, so material similar to a T-shirt will work better than something like denim.

Don't forget that plain old white fabric could be used along with some dye to create a truly one of a kind masterpiece.

As mentioned above, I used a woven cotton/polyester fabric. Can you see all the loose threads? I had to trim them all, and never want to see a piece of thread again. Test your fabric for fraying before you cut it all up, unless you just like playing with scissors. A little fringe gives it some character. My fabric gave me a headache.

Coming soon: Matching cuff bracelet tutorial and pattern.

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