Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The beginning, for beginners

This will be the first of many how-to's for those of you just learning to crochet. For those of you who know this stuff already: What's wrong with you? (I'm sarcastic, I don't mean that) Why are you sitting in front of a computer when you could have yarn and a hook in your hands? Find a pattern already! Hurry, hurry!
Back to you beginners; I promise to be nice and try to hold the sarcasm...Lets start with the tools of the trade. Here's a list of things you may need when crocheting:

Crochet hooks
Split ring stitch markers
Tapestry needles

That's about it for starters. Lets keep it simple. Some recommendations:
"Plarn" is free. However, plarn may not be the best material for a beginner. Don't let my opinion stop you from trying though. Regarding crochet hooks, don't sink a lot of money into them until you learn and know its something you really want. I learned with a crochet hook that came from my mom, which may or may not have come from my great-grandma (the hook, I mean). Its one of the plain-jane aluminum hooks like what is sold in stores nowadays. Point being, its older than me and still works just fine. Now on to split ring stitch markers: You will need these to mark your place in the middle of a pattern or at the end of rows. Providing you don't have split ring stitch markers, (Oh no, its the end of the world!) you can just use a scrap piece of yarn, thread or twine. The scissors are scissors, nothing special needed, as long as they are reasonably sharp. And finally, tapestry needles are large, blunt needles (usually but not always plastic) which has a large eye. These are used for weaving in your yarn ends. If you have kids, cats, or trolls living in your house, purchase a few of these. They will disappear as if they have magical powers.
So if you have your needed materials and tools, follow along to the next post on learning how to crochet. You're well on your way to becoming a hooker!

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