Saturday, September 8, 2012

A discusion on tutorials

 When I learned to crochet, I did not have Internet access at the time. The only thing I had was a short overview in a book on the basic stitches, which wasn't very clear. After some time of following patterns which never came out right, I discovered that I was crocheting into the back loops of the stitches only. While this is acceptable in some situations, and even called for in some patterns, it caused my projects to end up different from the pattern.
  I also had trouble understanding why my stitch count repeatedly reduced itself every row. This was because the book didn't cover the end of the row, and I didn't know that the previous row's first chains counted as the last stitch. Now knowing these things, it seems like something I should have known from the start. But...I did what my book said.
  Why admit to these things, which others might deem a 'stupid' mistake? I was learning. Nothing is ever a stupid mistake when you're learning, only a misinformed decision. I thought when making these tutorials: If I made these mistakes, someone else might have the same problem. This is the reason for the seemingly repetitive pictures. If anyone has problems, I would be glad to post even more pictures, if it helps.
  However, there are so (soooooooooo) many tutorials on the Internet. There are e-books, blogs, videos...the list goes on. I've mentioned before how everybody learns differently. Maybe videos help you. Perhaps you prefer to learn from a book. Whatever your difficulty, if there isn't someone out there already posting it, there may be soon. If you can't find help for what you need, contact someone. Leave a comment if you need help with anything I have posted.  Also comment if there is anything you think I should do differently, I'm open to suggestions.

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